Kentucky Trees for Kentucky Lands

We are in the process of reforesting former pastureland. We can document our methods, offer suggestions and provide comment about what has and has not worked for us. While there are innumerable ways to advance this process, we would love to share ours with you. Should you have a desire to begin this journey as well, it will require native plants. We offer a few varieties to help get you started in the partnership with your land.

Our farm looks a bit different than most of the pristine, well-manicured landscapes of the bluegrass. The immaculate fencing, perfect hedgerows, smartly cut fescue and grazing horses are picturesque and stunningly beautiful. While enjoying and appreciating this look, we believe that there is also a place for more woodland pastures, less mowing, and more native plants. These plants support insects, birds, and mammals and the entire ecosystem.

Eliminate Invasive Plants

Allow Native Plants to Regrow

How to select your tree.

Sun or shade, wet or dry soil, wildlife value, size.

How to plant your tree.

Learn about all the steps involved.

How to take care of your tree.

Learn how to maintain and care for your tree in the future.

Trees for adoption.

Kentucky Coffee Tree, Persimmon, Shumard Oak, and more!

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